Review: Jacket Thief ‘Lights Out On The Shore’ Fuses Modern Rock and Grunge/Stoner Vibes

The debut album from Jacket Thief almost slipped under our radar, but I’m so glad it didn’t. I spent a couple weeks bouncing through this one before I sat down to write, because I felt like there were layers and complexities that deserved some time. The record brings straightforward modern rock n roll vibes with 1980’s-caliber harmonies and massive riffs—and I love it.

Scott Reeder of Fu Manchu and Jacket Thief standing in the desert.

Jacket Thief is a solo project by Scott Reeder, the drummer of Fu Manchu. Reeder is a multi-instrumentalist and spearheads the project while Michael Rosas collaborates on it. The project commenced in late 2021, culminating in the album’s release in early 2023​​.

The new album, titled “Lights Out On The Shore,” was released September 29, 2023. This album features 12 tracks, including songs like Flying Too Low, TLFN, A Stitch In Time, Lights Out On The Shore, among others​.

The album’s creation involved studio sessions with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Ryan Mall, known for his work with bands like Dropkick Murphys, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Gaslight Anthem​​.

Some of Reeder’s stoner rock roots shine through in fuzzy riffs and grunge-era vocal feels, but make no mistake—this is a straight-forward rock ‘n’ roll album.

The record kicks off with Flyin’ Too Low, an acoustic track reminiscent of Alice in Chains. A super catch guitar riff leads into the track’s beautifully layered vocals.

Tlfn, the album’s debut single, is a serious standout on the record. It’s in a minor key, but the vocals still manage to bring an upbeat vibe. It’s a mature song that would be as at home on the radio as in a seedy club. I’ve replayed this one over and over as I worked through the record.

Another standout, A Stitch in Time, only the record’s third track, has a straight, dirty club rock feel. It transports me straight back to listening to early grunge bands in packed clubs. That grunge vibe is present, but it’s not overdone.

Lyrically, the album is well-written, and musically, I’m a huge fan. The vocal depth across the record really draws me in and gives it a standout feel. If you’re a rock ‘n’ roll fan, definitely give this record a shot.

The First Ones From the Skies also caught my attention. It’s a slower, more melodic track that builds up to a heavy chorus that really grabbed me. Its follow-up, Everything But Right, tells a tale interlaced with bluesy guitar licks and a super chill vibe. It’s a great listen.

Overall, Reeder’s breakout solo project Jacket Thief has put together a great record. From beginning to end, it’s a solid contribution to the world of rock ‘n’ roll. I mentioned a few standouts, but they aren’t all the album has to offer. Each time I’ve put the record on, I’ve listened beginning to end without any skips.

Give it a listen, and let us know what you think!

Lights Out On The Shore Tracklist:

1. Flying Too Low
3. A Stitch In Time
4. Lights Out On The Shore
5. Furs And Fires
6. Lord Meade Lane
7. A Wind Gone By
8. Some Kind Of Murder
9. The First Ones From The Skies
10. Everything But Right
11. Daylight Apparitions
12. As She Drifts…