Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons Release New Single “Strike the Match”

In the ever-evolving world of rock ‘n’ roll, few names have remained as consistent as Phil Campbell. The former Motörhead guitarist, who has been a staple in the rock scene for decades, has once again graced us with a killer new track. This time, it’s with his band, “Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons,” and their electrifying new single, “Strike the Match.”

The song is a testament to the band’s ability to blend the raw energy of classic rock with the energy of today. The music video, which was recently released on the Nuclear Blast Records YouTube channel, showcases the band’s dynamic stage presence and the infectious energy they bring to every performance.

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But who are “Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons”? The band, formed post-Motörhead, is a family affair. Led by Phil Campbell himself, it features his three sons: Todd Campbell on guitar, Dane Campbell on drums, and Tyla Campbell on bass. The lineup is completed by vocalist Neil Starr, whose powerful voice perfectly complements the Campbell family’s musical prowess.

The lyrics of “Strike the Match” are evocative and rebellious, capturing the essence of rock ‘n’ roll:

“Breaking the rules
I’m breaking free
You light up my dark and fuck with my periphery …
Breaking the cage
I won’t be tamed
Striking the match igniting the flames
Take what you want can’t push me around
Playing the fool playing the clown”

Strike the Match, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

The chorus, with its call to “burn it down,” is a powerful anthem of resistance and self-empowerment. The song speaks to the listener’s inner rebel, urging them to break free from constraints and light up their world with passion and determination.

The band is not just stopping at the release of this single. They’re celebrating the launch of their new album, “Kings Of The Asylum,” which is available now via Nuclear Blast Records. And for those eager to experience their electrifying performances live, the band has announced the “Kings Of The Asylum Tour 2023,” with dates spanning across the UK and Europe.

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons Kings of the Asylum Tracklist

01. Walking In Circles
02. Too Much Is Never Enough
03. Hammer And Dance
04. Strike The Match
05. Schizophrenia
06. Kings Of The Asylum
07. The Hunt
08. Show No Mercy
09. No Guts! No Glory!
10. Ghosts
11. Maniac

In the words of the great Lester Bangs, rock ‘n’ roll is a lifestyle, a worldview, a way of life. And Phil Campbell, with his Bastard Sons, embodies this spirit in every chord, every lyric, and every performance. “Strike the Match” is not just a song; it’s an anthem for all those who believe in the transformative power of rock ‘n’ roll.

For more on Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, their tour dates, and to listen to their new album, you can visit their official website.