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Eric Clapton Performs Prince Classic “Purple Rain”: Watch

The legendary Eric Clapton playing live at the Hard Rock Calling concert on June 28, 2008 in Hyde Park, London. | Wikimedia Commons, Majvdl photo

Ever wondered what an Eric Clapton solo would sound like for Purple Rain? Absolutely beautiful. That’s the answer.

Clapton has always been one to take a cover song and absolutely own it. Crossroads. Lay Down Sally. Tulsa Time.

And now, Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

Clapton performed the anthemic 80’s ballad during a recent stint at Royal Albert Hall in London. The video quality is weak at best and his vocals are somewhat buried, but his guitar is not.

He’s getting older and his health has become more of an issue, but make no mistake, Slowhand still knows soul.

His gigs at Royal Albert Hall have always been special. His 1991 double live album, 24 Nights, was recorded at the famed venue over a 42-gig stint (24 of which were in 1991.)

Enjoy the video!