Ernie Ball Music Man Releases Sick New Ryan “Fluff” Bruce StingRay Guitar

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, known for his YouTube channel “Riffs, Beards and Gear,” recently collaborated with Ernie Ball Music Man to introduce a new signature guitar. Bruce, who has carved a niche for himself with guitar reviews, tutorials, and his viral “Ridiculous Reverb Listings” series, brings his expertise and unique style to this collaboration.

The Ryan “Fluff” Bruce Artist Series StingRay guitar will be available in two distinct finishes: Aqua Sparkle and Tealy Dan. Both finishes are limited, with only 25 units of each being produced. The Aqua Sparkle variant can be found in the Ernie Ball Music Man Vault, while Tealy Dan is available through Sweetwater.

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The guitar features a mahogany body, a hardtail bridge, and a dual-voice Fishman Ryan “Fluff” Bruce signature humbucking pickup. Additionally, it includes a volume-only push-pull potentiometer, allowing players to switch between two humbucking sounds. Each unit is accompanied by a custom neck plate, a certificate of authenticity, and a Mono Case.

ryan fluff bruce ernie ball music man Tealy Dan 2
ryan fluff bruce ernie ball music man Tealy Dan

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce’s influence in the music community, especially among YouTube audiences, is undeniable. His channel, “Riffs, Beards and Gear,” has become a go-to for many seeking guitar-related content, reviews, and tutorials. This collaboration with Ernie Ball Music Man is a testament to his impact and the respect he commands in the industry.

For more details, interested individuals can visit the official websites of Ernie Ball and Music Man.

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