Strymon Rolls Out Deco Tape Saturator and Doubletracker Plugin

Strymon has unveiled its Deco Tape Saturator and Doubletracker Plugin, a digital adaptation of its renowned Deco hardware pedal. The plugin is designed to integrate seamlessly with digital audio workstations (DAWs) and offers a range of features.

The Strymon Deco Plugin boasts two distinct Saturation voices that mimic the properties of professional open-reel mastering tape machines and the ALC auto-limiting circuit from premium ’70s cassette decks.

Additionally, it introduces a dual tape transport feature in the Doubletracker section. This function allows users to adjust the offset between the two machines, producing a variety of effects. These effects range from phasing and flanging to chorusing, slapback, and echo.

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This dual-deck approach harks back to a studio technique that was pivotal in shaping the sound of early recordings at iconic studios like Sun Studios and Abbey Road. However, this method was phased out with the advent of contemporary devices.

Sean Halley, Strymon’s Head of Marketing, mentioned the significance of the Deco hardware pedal in the recording industry and expressed enthusiasm about its transition into a digital format. He highlighted the plugin’s ability to replicate vintage sounds, emphasizing its versatility in producing a spectrum of effects, from subtle saturation to intense distortion, all rooted in the genuine traits of magnetic tape.

The Strymon Deco Plugin is now available for purchase at a price of $79 US. Those interested can find it on Strymon’s official website and through select global dealers.