Seymour Duncan Releases Jared James Nichols P90 Silencer

Pickup manufacturer Seymour Duncan unveils its latest offering: the P90 Silencer Pickups. This new line, which includes the Vintage, Hot, and the much-anticipated Jared James Nichols Signature Model, is now up for grabs on and through authorized Seymour Duncan dealers.

Jared James Nichols, known for his powerful P90 playing reminiscent of the 70s trio titans, has collaborated with Seymour Duncan to produce the Signature JJN P90 Silencer™. Nichols, who has been a prominent figure in the music scene, described his ideal pickup as something “delicate and strong, like a grizzly bear and a paper airplane landing.”

The JJN P90 Silencer, designed to capture Jared’s distinctive tone, is a testament to this vision. It promises the classic P90 sound without the hum, making it a perfect fit for any standard P90 route.

“Simply put, the Seymour Duncan Jared James Nichols P90 Silencer is my dream pickup,” Nichols said.

The P90 Silencer series aims to bridge the gap between single coil and humbucker tones. Historically, P90s have been the go-to for those seeking the bright, articulate treble of a single coil combined with the warm, rounded tone of a humbucker. However, the noise that came with P90s was a common concern. Seymour Duncan’s innovative design ensures that musicians get the best of both worlds: the classic P90 tone without the 60-cycle hum.

The P90 Silencer lineup includes:

  • P90 Silencer – Neck: This model retains the classic P90 tone and look without the hum, matching the vintage spec output. It pairs perfectly with the bridge pickups for a harmonious set.
  • P90 Silencer – Hot (Bridge and Set): A bolder version of the classic, this pickup offers a more aggressive sound while maintaining the iconic P90 appearance and tone.
  • P90 Silencer – Vintage (Bridge and Set): True to its name, this model matches the vintage spec output and is a nod to the classic P90, minus the noise.

All models in the series are designed to seamlessly fit most standard P90 routes, making them a must-have for guitar aficionados.