Fender Honors Waylon Jennings with Epic Telecaster and Signature Phaser

fender waylon jennings telecaster being played by his son Shooter Jennings.
Fender photo

Fender has taken a step back in time to honor “Outlaw Country” legend Waylon Jennings with the release of a limited-edition Telecaster and Phaser pedal.

Jennings, with his signature leather-clad 1954 Telecaster, was a force to be reckoned with on stage. His powerful performances and distinctive sound made him a household name in country music. Fender’s new release is not just a guitar; it’s a piece of history, meticulously crafted to mirror the instrument that Jennings held so dear.

Despite leaving us over two decades ago at the age of 64, Jennings’ impact on the music world is undeniable. His numerous chart-topping hits, awards, and his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame are a testament to his talent and dedication. Today, the torch is carried by his son, Shooter Jennings. The two-time Grammy winner, with his eclectic range, has released 11 studio albums and has been the driving force behind tracks for artists as varied as Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile.

fender custom shop waylon jennings signature telecaster.
Fender photo

A Closer Look at the Fender Waylon Jennings Telecaster

This isn’t just any Telecaster. The Waylon Jennings edition is a labor of love and precision. Its 2-piece ash body is meticulously finished in a Butterscotch Blonde reminiscent of the 1950s era. The hand-tooled leather cover, a nod to Jennings’ original, adds a touch of rugged elegance. But it’s not just about looks. The guitar is fitted with a 10/56 “V”-shaped, one-piece quartersawn maple neck and Custom Shop Hand-Wound ’50/’51 Blackguard pickups. These features ensure that the guitar doesn’t just look the part but sounds like the early-‘50s Telecaster that fans around the world have come to adore. For those looking to own this piece of musical history, it comes with a price tag of $25,000.

Dave Brown, the mastermind at Fender Custom Shop, shared his experience of working on this project. “Recreating Waylon Jennings’ 1954 Telecaster was a journey,” Brown said. “From its unique banjo tuner, which offers a quick detuning capability, to its hand-tooled leather, every detail was crucial. Collaborating with the Jennings family ensured authenticity and respect for Waylon’s legacy. This Telecaster, along with the Phaser pedal and other items from our collection, is our tribute to a legend.”

Fender Waylon Jennings Phaser Pedal

fender waylon jennings phaser pedal
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Drawing inspiration from Fender’s classic four-stage phaser circuit from the 1970s, the Waylon Jennings Phaser offers a trio of unique phasing variations. By toggling between two, four, or six phase stages, users can explore a spectrum of tones. Paired with the Range and Feedback Controls, this Phaser encapsulates the diverse phasing sounds that Jennings famously employed both live and during studio recordings.

Priced at $129.00 USD.