Spector Shows Off Updated USA NS Bass Series

The revamped USA NS basses from Spector seamlessly blend the iconic features of the Brooklyn, Kramer, and contemporary Woodstock periods, introducing fresh, user-centric choices.

Spector unveils its refreshed USA NS bass series, meticulously crafted at their new USA Custom Shop located just outside Woodstock, New York. These legendary basses retain the essence of their original designs, merging standout features from their near half-century legacy with an array of modern player-centric enhancements, all underpinned by the precision of today’s manufacturing methods.

These instruments showcase timeless favorites, including distinct body shapes, Spector’s unique bridge, and signature details like matching headstocks, all inspired by the renowned Brooklyn, Kramer, and Woodstock phases. Additionally, they come with a range of modern upgrades such as varied pickup spacing, refined fingerboard gradients, diverse neck dimensions, and top-tier electronics.

Beyond these instruments, Spector has heavily invested in its future by establishing a state-of-the-art USA Custom Shop near Woodstock, New York. While preserving traditional handcrafting techniques, this facility integrates cutting-edge manufacturing tech, including 3D modeling and advanced CNC programming, ensuring the brand’s growth and the production of more precise flagship models.

“This new NS Revision project aims to incorporate the “best of” Spector’s storied history, all while remaining true to Ned Steinberger and Stuart Spector’s original 1977 design,” said Jeff Shreiner, Spector Marketing Manager. “It represents the first major project implemented by the new team at Spector and sets forth a standard for the future of the NS design.”

For further details, head to spectorbass.com.